The Lost Boyz Society





1. Respect: We are all a team, no matter how good or bad another player is there is no reason for     disrespect.

2. No verbal insults to fellow players or other gamers, even if they start it first.

3. We do NOT start trouble, we finish it on the battleground.

4. We play STRICTLY for FUN, not just to be competitive.

5. Must be at least 18 years of age to join.

6. If you are under 18 years old, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and they are     FULLY responsible for your actions.

7. When playing games with fellow crew members you should represent our group by using our         CREW TAG. Remember, this does not only represent you, but everyone in this group.

8. If you are having problems with a fellow crew member approach one of the founders FIRST, we     WILL handle the situation maturely and professionally. (Lord Turf, Jedi_Knight, TAFKAFI, or             Jedi_Princess)

9. No Racial, Gender or Sexual Orientation slurs or comments. (We shouldn't have to give                   examples)

10. When recruiting a new member, you will inform them of our group, what we are all about and         play a few rounds with them to see what they are all about. The founders will then play with           them, if we feel that they are worthy of The Lost Boyz we will induct your new recruit into the         crew. You as their recruiter are then responsible for their actions, if they break a rule we will          pull you and them aside and discuss their misconduct and will give you the honor of removing       them. We feel it is your responsibility to see them off beings you brought them to us.

11. Our goal is to create a community of friends that can play together and communicate as a             FAMILY.

12. We are a group that is strongly tied into Battlefield 4, you are not required to only play this             game. Feel free to make new suggestions for us to try and team up on!

13. All disagreements will be taken to "The Founders" , and a solution will be voted on.

14. THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NO CHEATING ON ANYGAMES WHILE THE TAG IS BEING DISPLAYED.             There is a zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Any one caught doing so should be                    reported to the founders and an investigation will be launched.