The Lost Boyz Society


Lost Boy Business

Our Assistance is requested to 

secure the lives of New York City 

after a more unorganized day of 

black Friday shopping turns into a 

devastating state of emergency. 

We deploy March 8th on a 

battlefield called The Division. We 

need all our soldier on this. The 

elders and a few deputized 

members will do a recon of 

the area Jan 29 on the Beta. 

Remember you either with us or 

against us.


Lost Boy Brigade ( The Division)

The Brigade will be broken down into battalions being that the The division is only teams of three. This way we can play together and ask the assistance of other units in the crew. Maybe this will work to our advantage.

731st Battalion 


Chief Warrant Officer




Command Sergent Major

Lost Boy Upcoming Sessions

Division Beta Broadcast

Jedi knight, Tafkafi, and Lord Turf will be broadcasting live play on the Division for as long as the beta is open and live. Join up by sending a message to one of the three to have one hell of a game experience. 

Destiny Nighfall

As always Team Guillotine will be taking on the nightfall on destiny and will continue to keep our characters up to lost boy standards.